A Cover for Maroon!

The little tidbits I’ve been mentioning about ship-building are coming closer to showing up in a story.  I received the cover art for my upcoming Color Box novella, Maroon: Donal agus Jimmy. It really evokes the period and the place, which is a ship yard in 1911-1912 Belfast. There’s a ship in the background, so 2 points for anyone who can put a name to it.

4 responses to “A Cover for Maroon!

  1. Um. The Titanic? 🙂

  2. Woot! Since that was the only ship I could think of… 😉

    • I’ve looked at about a cabillion pictures from this era and of this shipyard. The most dramatic ones available do feature that particular ship, making it a little tough to get away from it.

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