We’re in New Orleans!

Eden Winters and I got in last night! We’re staying in an overflow hotel a couple of blocks away, which is fun, because we get to walk down Bourbon Street to get there. We enjoyed the street performers, I now have a picture of me holding a “Big Ass Beer” sign, which I will upload ASAP, and I had the world’s most touristy dinner: crawfish pie and jambalaya. Ya gotta do it once in your life, right?

Met a bunch of great people last night while assembling swag bags, like KC Burn, Ethan Day, Kiernan Kelly, Marie Sexton, and Heidi Cullinan. We now have 300 or so goodie bags for the gang. So many great people, and goodies — whoever did lip balms has my undying gratitude.

This is what I put into the bags: they’re flashlights. We’ll have to do some giveaways fro those who didn’t get to New Orleans, too. I have more:D

2 responses to “We’re in New Orleans!

  1. looks great! I hope you have a great time. I so wish I could have been there. I really really hope it becomes a yearly thing. I will def be there next time.

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