Free Stories from GayRomLit, including Sugar on the Mountain

One of the pieces of swag that I took to New Orleans was a CD ROM of some free stories. I couldn’t carry enough for everyone, and not everyone was there to collect the hard copy.

Have to fix that, right? I can’t transport you to Louisiana, but I can direct you to where I’ve parked the stories for your reading pleasure.

Here’s what I put on the CD:

On Call: Crossroads, the 2010 Torquere Charity sip that is now a free read for you
Tool for Change, a prompt fic that turned political
Shorts, a collection of flash fiction
and Sugar on the Mountain. Okay, I think I got a little silly with this one, but Mark got into something, much to Allan’s surprise, and I had to write about it. If you’ve never had dulce de leche, then I can only grieve for you. It’s the only substance on the planet that’s better than chocolate.

Sugar on the Mountain is new for GayRomLit, but I invite you to join us in the mountains.

All the stories are available through Goodreads; just use that green button, and enjoy.

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