Snarking Time!

Marie Sexton’s poking us to put up some tart bits from our stories — it’s rather fun to select a chunk on the snarky side.

This one’s from Snow on the Mountain: Jake and Egon have just rescued a child dangling off the chair lift.

“So, the hero returns?” Egon razzed me when I got off the chairlift.

“Shut up, you idiot,” I responded pleasantly, though I didn’t like him much. He had an assortment of grudges and was usually surly, but I’d conceived a hope that his attitude might adjust as a result of this little adventure. If he thought I was going to play lone hero over this, he was mistaken, because that would only grow another grudge, this one personal. “That kid needed both of us.”

He’d been tending the chairlift base alone while I’d gone up and come down, which gave him time to have all sorts of conversations in his head. Maybe what I said wasn’t what he’d been telling himself, because he squinted at me over the heads of a couple of ten year olds who trudged up to the loading zone with their snowboards.

“Seriously. I could not have climbed that rope if you hadn’t been holding on. So cut the hero talk.” I spoke into the clear space as the chair yanked the two boys into the air. “We were a team.” I paused while a couple of women in expensive ski clothing shuffled to the loading zone. The chair hauled them and their appraising glances away before I spoke again. “And thanks for not dropping me.”

He sniffed. “I would not drop you unless I was sure you land on your thick head.”

The rest is here.

Unfortunately for me, this blogging platform doesn’t support the little tracker widget, so pop back to Marie’s page for all the other players.

6 responses to “Snarking Time!

  1. heehee!
    That’s a really nice little scene. 🙂

    • Thank you! Jake’s partner Kurt is usually the guy doing something heroic, so this was part of a growth experience for him, as was dealing with crabby-ass Egon.

  2. Nice. Egon reminds me a surly bear. Maybe he got woke up from hibernation too soon.

  3. *Pokes PD with sharp stick* So when are we going to get and Egon story?

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