Snark Time Again!

How did it get to be Saturday again so quickly?

This time, I found a tidbit from Maroon:Donal agus Jimmy, my latest release. Donal’s just found Jimmy reading “the other side’s” newspaper, and Jimmy explains why:

“The work is here and you speak a poet’s dreams.”  The harshness in Donal’s words pulled the smile away from Jimmy’s lips.

“There’s work anywhere for men of your skills and mine. If not in ships, then in cities where they have steam-heated buildings and wish for fine chairs to sit on. Or the railroads — every locomotive needs its boilers looked to.”

Truth lay in those words, though Donal had never really considered it. “Our families are here.”

“True, but does not every Irish family lie half in America? We can bring the ones who will come once we’re settled.”

“And the ones who won’t come?”

“They will see the wisdom, one day, I promise you.” Jimmy cupped his hand against Donal’s cheek.

“And if I don’t see the wisdom?” Stubbornness born of fear made him argue.

“Then I hope you learn to like Bridget O’Brien.”

Here’s some general snark on the book: how did Pam write a Titanic story with a happy ending? The answer is here, here, here, or here.

I can’t do the linky thingie, so hop back to Marie’s page for more snarkers.

3 responses to “Snark Time Again!

  1. Subtle and light. I like it.

  2. Oh! JImmy told him!

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