Saturday Snark, the snowy version

And once again, it’s time for a bit of tartness! This week, we have the tart, oops, I mean Melanie, from Snow on the Mountain and Fall Down the Mountain. This time, she’s fallen from grace in Fall Down.

The phone twittered from her pocket, and miserable as she was, Melanie was glad to hear a friendly voice. The caller ID didn’t show James or the lawyers, and anyone else in the world would be friendlier than they. She flipped it open.

“Hey, Mel, what’s up? I didn’t see you out on the slopes with the hottie today.”

“You mean the jerk? My hottie is gone, Shari.” Quiet Hollywood tears dribbled down Melanie’s face; she’d learned to weep without turning her nose red.

“Sorry, right. Kurt is not Ulf, Kurt’s a jerk, Ulf was the fuck, er, love of your life.”

My blog doesn’t do the linky thingy, but check back on Marie Sexton’s blog for the other snarkers’ tidbits.

One response to “Saturday Snark, the snowy version

  1. Hee. Melanie was such a bitch!

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