Six Sentence Sunday

I’ve been seeing 6 Sentence Sunday blog posts all over, and it’s time to try! This one’s from Prep Work, my short at Dreamspinner.

The traveling circus that is Jude Marshall Tastes had been left behind for the moment, and I had no doubt that Sadist and Monster were using the hotel room to its fullest capacity before we flew back to the US. I would return later and try not to breathe deeply of their escapades. It was just for one night; we couldn’t connect flights from Nowhereskavi to New York without the layover. Sharing a hotel room kept the expenses down, which was entirely necessary both because it was the end of this filming tour and because—have you ever priced a hotel room in London? The producers should thank us for watching the money. Oh, you thought I was the tall guy with the earring and the big budget?

The rest is here at Dreampinner.

4 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Interesting snippet, and I can’t say I have priced rooms in London! 😀

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