Stuff Your Stocking!

Happy Holidays to all the lovely readers out there! Hope your holiday preparations are coming along. Are the cookies baked? The packages wrapped? The menorah polished?  All the blogs hopped?

Preparations in the Singer household are still in the “OMG where’s the ….??!” stage, mostly because the Muse would really rather play with a couple of hot guys currently a quarter of the way up El Capitan. More on that later, but those moments when I have free time, I’ve been adding to the word count instead of struggling with wrapping paper.

So, to keep me in the holiday mood — we celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah around here — tell me what your favorite holiday tradition is. And since one of mine is giving gifts, everyone who drops by can have a copy of my Mark and Allan story, Sugar on the Mountain. The fellas get a little silly in this stand-alone piece — click here for your download. (The host is Goodreads.)

Not only that, but leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for one story from my backlist plus a PD Singer keychain flashlight (no pics on it, you can carry keys on it without raising eyebrows).

For the whole crew of authors who are hosting this blog hop, check here: Stuff Your Stocking.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

47 responses to “Stuff Your Stocking!

  1. Thanks for the present! I don’t have an ongoing tradition to share. As a child, we made big batches of cookies – some sort of soft sugar cookie made with brown sugar or honey (something darker than white sugar).

  2. My mom always decorates the house like whoa, totally overboard and I love it. I really haven’t done anything Christmassy yet because I’m still home (flying up Sunday) and we don’t decorate for Christmas. There’s no point to it, since we’re never here on Christmas. So when I fly up and see the tree and the candles and the garlands and all the little figurine-thingies that Mom’s been accumulating since I was a kid, that’s what makes it Christmas. Sometimes I just like to sit in the livingroom (despite the fact that it’s freezing in there) and soak up atmosphere, think about past Christmases when my great aunts and grandparents were around, and hang.


    • Sitting in the living room remembering, especially if you have your favorite afghan around your shoulders, sounds like part of a good holiday.

  3. Really do not have a tradition, kids stay up the entire night of Christmas Eve and they can’t wake me up until 6 am. I guess that could be it. LOL

  4. It’s all about the great dinner and week or two of tasty treats for me.
    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    • I love the holiday food! I’m going to cook a turkey for Christmas, but earlier in the week, we’ll have potato latkes. Chanukah overlaps Christmas this year.

  5. Just visiting – I think I have the complete works of PD Singer, plus the very handy flashlight (esp since the light went out in the trunk of my car, but I never remember that when it’s light out and I could find the bulb to replace…).

    • Glad to see you! And pleased to know that the flashlight is doing good duty. So, your Christmas story-gift is that The Rare Event will be out this spring. Hot guys and lots of money!

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is the Nutcracker–the one from the 70’s with that hot Russian dancer whose name I can pronounce but not spell properly 😉 It used to be putting up the tree, but that’s passed down to my daughter, since I’m supper busy this year…but still hoping to win some new reading material!

    • For many years I played in the orchestra that backed the Nutcracker, so I know the music by heart and have only seen the dancing on TV–you can’t turn around. I know which version you mean, and need to watch it still this season.

  7. holiday tradition would be the cookie baking, start usually the day after Thanksgiving so i can mail them to the kids in time for them to feed santa.

    happy holidays.

  8. The Christmas tree. It looks nice and smells nice and setting it up is a sort of signal of Christmas starting in our household.

    • I used to beg for a tree when I was a kid; everyone else had one, but then, “everyone else” was Christian. Now we have one for my husband, but this year it’s dressed in blue and white. It does smell so good.

  9. Thanks for the story ^.^ Jeez, there are so many traditions I love. Probably the “putting your shoe in the window for some yuleboy presents” for 13 days before Christmas. These “yuleboys” are sort of like Santas (we use the same name for the two), and the kids have to go to bed early to receive something in their shoe. Well, for the past 4 years I’ve been playing those yuleboys and I love putting stuff in their shoes as much as they love checking it out in the morning. Plus, I’m writing short stories from each yuleboy with odd events that happens on their way from the mountains involving their cat (that eats kids if they don’t get a new piece of clothing before Christmas!). Those yuleboys are no innocents themselves, because they carry names like Candle-swiper, Window-peeker, Saussage-stealer (is it just me, or do those name have naughty meanings…?), Door-slammer – all based on the prankster things they’d do in the old days whenever they came to town on Christmas. Our Christmas celebration ends when the last one leaves back for the mountains on January 6th ^.^

    • This sounds very interesting! I’ve never heard of the yuleboys before. Let me know when your stories are ready to read! Yes, those names sound a bit naughty, and the cat has an attitude!

  10. My Mom, my daughter & I making traditional Polish dinner for Christmas Eve. This year my grandsons will be “helping”, so it’ll be 4 generations participating!

  11. Thanks for the freebie 😉 One tradition we have is to stay up on Christave Eve and open presents then, we stay up pretty late until about 3 am or so, and we get up late the next morning until other family start coming in…Happy Holiday to yous!

    • You are welcome! Opening presents on Christmas Eve sounds like the best way to ensure some sleep for the parents the next morning.

  12. The best tradition we have around my house is we always make toffee every year. We give alot of it away as a gift but we always have fun making it. 🙂 Thanks for the free read!

  13. Hopping on by. My fav traditions is driving around to look at the Christmas lights. Happy Holidays!

    • OMG we haven’t done that this year! We have some folks a few blocks over who get really crazy with the ornaments and lights; I think those houses could be seen from space.

  14. Favorite tradition is the goofy pj exchange on Christmas Eve.

  15. Holiday traditions center around food, of course! 🙂 We make candy plates with Kentucky Colonels, fudge, Rice Krispy treats, and peppermint bark for gifts. Yummy!

    smaccall AT

  16. thankf or the book i get it read
    and blog on good read and amazon

  17. For me it’s not one thing, it’s all those little things. Like trying to figure out why there is a box of lights, but no lights in them. Seriously. I cannot find the lights. It’s ridiculous!

    Or who in the heck did we send a Christmas card to last year. Trying to remember how to make a paper snowflake. It’s decorating the house and making a million different kinds of cookies because inexplicably, nobody can make a decision on what kind they want.

    Somehow it all manages to end up fun.

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

    • I just got the fifth batch out of the oven, so my husband and the boys will have some to take to work and friends. I didn’t ask what they wanted, because they are such greedy little oinks, they like them all, so I made what I like! Sounds like Christmas is a disorganized but good time at your house.

  18. Hi and Merry Christmas!! Thank you so very much. Our tradition that I couldn’t give up is finding our own tree and chopping it down. Only in a replanting farm of course ❤

  19. Thank you so much for participating in this terrific contest! I don’t really have one favorite tradition, however I do love smelling the cinnamon rolls baking as I watch my kids open their presents.

    Merry Christmas!
    JPM6966 @

  20. We don’t really have any lasting traditions. We love to go driving around and look at the decorated houses. The kids love it. Happy holidays


  21. Happy holidays

    I always send Christmas with family and friends

    Sarah S


  22. Our holiday tradition is to get the holiday decorations out and up. We have a candy counter that every day a piece of candy is taken off. Then we make lots and lots of cookies. And listen to carols. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Merry Christmas

    • That sounds like fun. I love the religious carols, even if they aren’t my tradition. Do you ever listen to the Public Radio broadcast of Seven Lessons and Carols?

  23. Great post! My family always passes out stockings filled with candy and we play games and watch christmas movies. We later eat a big dinner. I love it! 😉 Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Happy holidays!

    • Happy holidays to you too! One of these days I will actually get to watch Polar Express, but I don’t choose the movies at our house very often.

  24. Thanks to all of you who dropped by; I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the free read.

    Our winner (after Joe the Giant Cat did his thing with the slips of paper) is Rain! I will be sending you an email so we can work out the details.

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