Maroon is on Best of 2011 lists!

I am pleased and honored to say that Donal and Jimmy have been chosen for two review sites’ top picks for 2011.

Top2Bottom Reviews’ Lisa gave Maroon a 5 and included it on her list, with such diverse and amazing reads as Erastes’ Junction X and Marie Sexton’s Paris A to Z.   See Lisa and Michelle’s lists here.

And Tom, who posts on A Bear on Books, had kind words and a top slot for Maroon as well, placing it with some books that wowed me, like Ellis Carrington’s Amor Prohibido and KZ Snow’s Visible Friend. See Tom’s list here.

So if you see me with a slightly goofy smile and a swollen TBR list, this is why. Thank you, Tom and Lisa!

6 responses to “Maroon is on Best of 2011 lists!

  1. Congrats! The praise is well-deserved. I loved Maroon!

  2. That’s awesome! Congrats, hon! [hugz]


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