5 Stars for Maroon!

I was bowled over this morning when Angie Benedetti pointed me toward Speak Its Name, a review site that specializes in historical gay romance. (Thank you, Angie!) Erastes, who knows her history, had taken a look at Donal and Jimmy!

And was pleased! In part, this is was she said:

Despite the fact that the book fits its bounds so well, despite the breadth of topics covered, I would have liked more, it’s impossible not to want more when something is this well written. I don’t know P.D. Singer’s work–I believe this is her first gay historical–but if she writes another I will be snapping it up immediately.

I recommend this book highly, and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Read the rest of the review here, and find Maroon at Torquere, Amazon, or ARe.

4 responses to “5 Stars for Maroon!

  1. What a fabulous review! Congratulations! I loved Donal agus Jimmy, and agree that the cover is awesome.

    • I was so glad they could use that old photo, that’s the Titanic in the gantry at the back, at the hull and boilers stage. Hugs!

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