The Mountains come to Dreamspinner!

Maroon Bells, ColoradoI am delighted to announce that the Mountains will be coming out from Dreamspinner! Beginning in June 2012, we will again see Fire on the Mountain and Snow on the Mountain, along with two new novels. Blood on the Mountain will be out later in the fall.

I am very busy on rewrites for Fire right now; Kurt and Jake have more going on than I knew when I started this book.  Kurt also has an entirely new short story that will be included with the novel, so we will know a lot more about him.

The novels, with their bonus short stories, will be available in both ebook and print;  the thought of a row of spines marked “P.D. Singer” taking up a couple of linear inches on the bookshelf does make me smile.

For all of you who have shown interest in Fire, Snow, and the shorts while they’ve been out of print, I thank you, and hope to reward your patience with a fine read.

6 responses to “The Mountains come to Dreamspinner!

  1. That’s outstanding! Very big congrats! I hope you get beautiful covers. 🙂

    • Thank you! Elizabeth had some interesting ideas, and since this will be a multi-volume set, she wanted to do something unified. Won’t that be amazing? *still hyperventilating at the thought*

  2. Exciting news – congrats!

  3. 2 new novels? Oh boy that makes me a happy bunny 🙂 which boys will they feature?
    Congrats on both republishing and the new books

    • One will feature Kurt and Jake, and the other will have a new couple, although Mark and Allan will appear as secondary characters. Thank you for being a happy bunny!

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