McKoala approves!

McKoala approves

I hadn’t checked in with McKoala since posting my December totals, which were good enough to make Her Eucalyptousness smile upon me. Realizing that I’d completely redone the site here, and wondering if she’d changed the value of such an endeavor (one gains marsupial favor by writing, editing, submitting, marketing, and other writerly activities. And no, she had not.) I popped by, to find that she’d posted the yearly totals as well.

Much to my surprise, since I’d had a few difficult months, I had won the yearly prize! I’d won the year before on the strength of The Rare Event, and (heh heh) will make “approves” again on the strength of that book, since it needed editing again, this time for publication. Whatever else one thinks of RE, it’s kept me away from the Antipodean Claws of Doom!

For those who might like to play: McKoala Days to sign up.

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