Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s snippet is from The Rare Event, my new novel due soon from Dreamspinner. It’s set on Wall Street, where Ricky and Jon are traders, and Logan, who has the hots for Ricky for more than one reason, is an analyst. Ricky’s met up with Logan at a club, quite by accident, or so he thinks.

 “Of course Jon’s not here with you; he’s probably at one of those Social Register galas that you and I will never see an invitation for.”

Ricky stopped moving abruptly. “What if his family’s been here since the place was called Nieuw Amsterdam; so fucking what?”

“So, you should be someone’s office god, not someone’s office toy.” Logan put one hand on each of Ricky’s shoulders, pushing and pulling, encouraging Ricky to dance again. “I’m ready to worship.”

3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. I love that last line. Intriguing six PD!

  2. Great six! I love the last part!

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