Open Letter to the RWA

In the last post I refer you to Heidi Cullinan’s discussion of the discriminatory stance of one chapter of the RWA. I had to take some kind of action. I am one small voice, and not even a member voice of this organization, but I am not a member precisely because of policies such as this. I cannot lend my name or my money to a group that finds this kind of action acceptable.

And yet I can’t not speak out: this is wrong. And this is how I communicated my outrage to the RWA.

Dear RWA:

Regarding the exclusion of same sex romances from this contest [More Than Magic contest hosted by Romance Writers Ink Chapter of RWA]: I am extremely saddened that this sort of discrimination is permitted in contests in events under your authority. Should this be permitted to stand, you announce yourself as an organization that condones discrimination toward an entire genre and by extension, to those writers and readers who are members of the group. The Rainbow Chapter of your organization is a tiny step but still a ghettoization, and this contest’s rules are a huge step backward.

The world is a large and diverse place: love is also diverse. But love is love, and romance literature should have a place for all its varieties. Please investigate this chapter’s policies, and do not permit this insult to many of your members and to many, many members of society.


PD Singer

4 responses to “Open Letter to the RWA

  1. Reblogged this on Stevie Woods:author of gay romantic fiction and commented:
    I want to add my support to P D Singer’s point of view. I am appalled at this, as I know many of my fellow authors also are.

  2. I don’t think I could be that calm because it is an insult. I hope they reverse this and make it official through the national organization.

  3. I share Cryselle’s sentiments…

  4. I saw a comment from Heidi on GR; she’s an officer of the organization, and apparently this is causing something of a storm–let’s hope something good comes out of the discussions.

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