Blog Hop prompt words needed

Revving up for the big Valentine’s Day Blog Hop, I’m thinking a few fresh-for-the-occasion limericks will be a nice present for those who stop by. So if you like your doggerel shaggy, or just like to play “stump the author,” leave me a prompt word or two in the comments here, and I shall whip them into five-line goodness. Or badness.  Or smutness. I have last year’s limericks lying around here somewhere.

Just a little added incentive to swing past any time from February 11th through the 14th, and be entered for in the drawing for a copy of my new novel, The Rare Event (if you’re good with delayed gratification, it’s due March 30th), something from my backlist if you want it now, and a PD Singer key chain flashlight (for reading under the bedclothes.)

And for an extra entry into the drawing, follow the blog for news and opinions. All followers, new and existing, get that second entry.

6 responses to “Blog Hop prompt words needed

  1. So, I guess you wouldn’t appreciate ‘orange’, huh? 😉

    Let’s see. I’ll be nice this time, I promise. *think Valentine’s*


    Apparently, I can either do smartass or cliched, but nothing in between. I’m sure you can make something more creative with some of those.

    • I have not forgotten “chartreuse” and “jack o’lantern.” 😀 However, “orange” now looks like a challenge.

  2. Scarlet, charming, wrought, parish, and vinyl

  3. thyme, mackerel, Jenga, radish, duvet

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