What’s with the 404 error, Pam?

I’ve been a little slow to update the website, and so the question has arisen: just what is going on here? An assortment of buy links led off into the void, covers are changing without notice, and in general, my back catalog seems to be acting very strangely.

The contracts on the various stories are coming due, one at a time, and I have been recovering the rights to them. The list at the publisher’s has been shrinking, as some of you have noted. What to do next is always the question, but that depends on the particular work.

The Mountain series, as I may have mentioned, is getting a complete overhaul and tens of thousands of words of all new story, both in existing pieces and in the shorts and novels to come. You’ll see them at Dreamspinner starting in June, 2012, beginning with Fire on the Mountain. I’ve been working diligently on this project and on The Rare Event, which has left me little energy to take care of the various short stories.

Some have become free reads, complete with a new cover. Others will become available in a second edition, but I’m not promising an exact date, because of the demands of the Mountain project. When they are ready to launch, I will throw a party, and we’ll have some champagne, cake, and a good look at the new covers designed by Jared Rackler, whose work is currently the face of Fire and Snow, among others.

I have promised a selection from my backlist as a blog hop prize for any winner who doesn’t wish to wait until The Rare Event is out on March 30th, and that still holds.

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