Hello, Blog Hoppers!

PD Singer blog hop Valentines DayGood morning and welcome! It’s the season for romance, and around here, it’s mm good romance. Whether you like forest rangers, skiers, doctors, vets, or Wall Street suits, you’ll find it here.

All visitors who leave a comment here, (anywhere on the blog, I can find your comments from the dashboard, but if you want to be certain, include BH in your comment) from now through the 14th, are entered to win your choice of my upcoming novel, The Rare Event, due from Dreamspinner on March 30, or any selection from my backlist, so if it’s listed in my Books section, it’s fair game, even if the listing says “on hiatus” at the moment, because June is coming fast. The winner will also receive a PD Singer keychain flashlight.

For an extra entry into the contest, click to follow my blog.

And to keep everyone entertained while we’re hopping, I’ll be posting limericks written to prompts left by visitors, so feel free to offer a prompt word in your note. A few folks have already gotten me started, including a playful sort who suggested “orange.” Just to prove that “orange” can indeed go into a limerick:

Good morning, my love, Eric said,
As he carried a tray in to Ned.
Sweet rolls, orange juice
And a well-licked prepuce
Made a Valentine’s breakfast in bed.

Have fun, look around, and welcome back any time. To see who else is playing, check here; there’s lots of wonderful writers who’d love to have you drop by.

37 responses to “Hello, Blog Hoppers!

  1. Good morning! Um, write us a limerick with candle light in it!

  2. Hope you have a naughty Valentine’s Day..

  3. Happy Valentine´s Day 😀

    limerick prompt: cat

  4. How about a limerick with roses (to go with Cryselle’s candlelight 😉 ). Thank you for the contest!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day
    Signed up to follow your blog

  6. Hope you have a memorable Valentine’s Day. Write a limerick with games in it

  7. how fun! I am a follower and would love something from your back list, so use the word “back” in a poem 🙂

  8. Fun Fun I Hop along 🙂 Can you use “rabbit”? in honor of all the blog hopping?

  9. Hi, all! I’ve been at work, but I see I’d better get hoppin’ on my limericks! Glad you stopped by, and hope you found something here to enjoy.

  10. Hope all your dreams come through this Valentine’s Day.

  11. Please count me in and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. A limerick game sounds like fun. 🙂
    My word is feathers.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  13. Enjoyed the limericks and the books sound good too.

  14. Cute poem ^.^ I’d love the chance to win a copy of your book 😀 Have a great V-day! I’m also offering m/m on my blog, if you’re interested (and have time to read – which I can’t really imagine, hehe).


  15. Happy Valentin es

    Sarah S


  16. You managed “orange” in a limerick! Yay!

  17. ur a new to me author and your books sound awesoem ty for the chance tor ead one

    the limerick was great!


  18. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Happy Valentines Day! angadair@nwcable.net

  19. Please count me in too! I’m following you via WordPress… 🙂

    Hmm, my limerick prompt is Tattoo(s).

  20. Hi! Just taking advantage of the Blog Hop event to tell you that I bought Fall Down the Mountain the other day and now I’m DYING for the new editions of all the other Mountain books. DYING, I tell you! 🙂 As a fellow Coloradan, I’m now also fighting the urge to go skiing, LOL. It’s been over 15 years since I last went up the mountain and I’m SURE I would fall down it if I tried again. 😉

    • This is where I admit that Allan’s eggbeater fall, even to getting the goggles packed with snow inside, was *whispers* something that happened to me. No hot ski patrol picked me up off the snow, though my husband and children hurt themselves laughing.

      I have one last pass on the revised Fire to do, and then I’m sending it in to my editor. I’m thrilled that you’re anxious to read it!

  21. Thank you all for hopping by, and check out the Limerick post to see what else I did with Ned, Eric, and a pesky bunny. There will be more limericks to follow with the rest of the prompts.

  22. ORANGE! You did it! \o/ But I’m actually way more impressed that you used “prepuce”.


    (Also, you know not to enter me, right? I have the backlist and have every intention of buying the new editions, etc. Looking forward to RE!)

  23. Happy Valentine’s Day !

    Thanks for being a part of such a great hop!

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  24. Thank you for the contest! and for being a part of the blog hop!
    hmm. lets see… Prompt: chocolate-shaped rabbit. 😀

    *following blog


  25. Love the limericks. I could never write those. 🙂

    menina.iscrazy @ yahoo.com

  26. I look forward to getting to know your work! Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day! New follower here!

    Julie shelley_runyon@yahoo.com

  27. I’d love a chance to win your new one 🙂

  28. Thank you sharing and for the great giveaway! Happy Valentines! Wonderful limericks! How about the word ‘blindfold’? 🙂
    email subscriber

  29. Hmmm…about a limerick with chocolate kisses in it.
    and licorice whips


  30. That is a good morning indeed! Thanks for that, I do love limericks.

    And forget rhyming orange! I have to give you kudos for rhyming juice with prepuce!

    Email subscriber

  31. Thanks to all who popped by! Prompts are closed, and I will have something shortly for the late entry. Winner to be announced in the morning.

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