Spelling Game

I love words. (Oh rilly, Pam? We wouldn’t have guessed.)  They are the best toy in the world, silly putty with sound and ideas. That’s not to say that I don’t also love me some spell check.

So when I found the Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge, I was all over it. I’m competitive as all get out on some things, so when I learned to play the game on the “Tricky” level, I was miffed to miss two words. When it gave me corrections, I realized I had heard something the game hadn’t said. Missed two on “Difficult” and was provoked, because those were flat out errors. Didn’t keep me from moving on to “Fiendish.”

It’s fiendish all right. My scores there were all over the map, and a few rounds don’t bear discussion, although I finally stopped after a round where I discovered that I could no longer see the difference between m and n.

You try it. (Heh heh heh) Dare ya.

12 responses to “Spelling Game

  1. I’d probably fail it but, I don’t have speakers to hear the words. LOL

  2. I think my hearing has deteriorated more than my spelling skills. The British option was a bit better for me. Thanks for the chance to feel pleased with myself.

  3. Must…not…give…in…must…finish….edits…. This is too tempting. I mean, I play Word Mole on my phone during breaks at work. I’ll have to hold off though until these edits are done.

  4. So. Addicted. Though “salmon” sounded like “summon” and “height” sounded like “point”. That just means I’m deaf. I can still spell. 😀

    • I had that same problem:I just can’t hear one of the announcers.

      • LOL. Sometimes it was nothing more than the accent that made it difficult for me to understand the word. 🙂

        Just what I needed: another addiction to add to the list, along with books, Words With Friends, coffee, chocolate… 😀

  5. Heh! Tried it without a TV blaring in the background and did much better. Fiendish was still fiendish, and spellcheck is still my buddy, but if I ever need to write piccalilli into a story, I can get it right the first time now. (Not happening, I’ve tasted the stuff.)

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