Editorial follies

I’m going through Snow on the Mountain for rewrites, starting with the last set of edits at its previous home. I’d forgotten how much fun the give and take on that story was–the comments are making me giggle. Here’s one:

Editor: Uh…no

Pam: Uh, yes. Taken from first hand accounts and verified on Minotaur. No lube is not an option, and dish soap completely unacceptable. You have a better idea, we’ll talk, otherwise it stays. Sorry if you’re squicked. Spit is not a better idea.

Don’t you want to know what’s going on around that?

6 responses to “Editorial follies

  1. LOL! Altho hopefully that butter wasn’t used with a condom.. (it blurs, it blurs)

  2. I’ve seen worse used. 😀 And honestly, what’s wrong with butter? I mean, if it were rancid or moldy, I could understand, but reasonably fresh butter? Why not? [shrug]


  3. Other books out there have famously featured “buttered buns,” so I wonder why your editor objected to it.

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