Bastards are getting sneakier

Apparently the scammers are taking notes, because the quality of the fraud is getting higher. This one actually freaked me out there for a few minutes.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for making a payment over the phone! We’ve received your
Bill Me LaterŽ payment of $1285.43 and have applied it to your account.

Here are the details:

Your Bill Me Later Account Number Ending in:

You Paid:

Your Payment Date*:

Your Payment Confirmation Number:

Don’t forget, Bill Me Later is the perfect way to shop when you want more time to pay for the stuff you need. Plus, you can always find great deals and discounts at over 1000 stores. Watch this short, fun video to learn more.

Now, Bill Me Later is affiliated with Ebay, and while I didn’t check to see if the graphics matched–you won’t catch me clicking on anything in an email I don’t trust–the addresses do. Thing is, I don’t use that email to do anything with PayPal, Ebay, or anything that requires the exchange of sensitive data, and I for SURE didn’t make any phone payments to anyone. But the WTF factor is high enough on the notion of someone making a large payment in my name to have my eyeballs bugging out for a minute or two, and to do some checking.

Just in case, I changed some passwords.

2 responses to “Bastards are getting sneakier

  1. I’ve gotten some trying to post to some of my LJ groups and PM me on FB lately which is really irratating.

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