Fire on the Mountain redux

Some of you readers have been with me from my first published novel: others of you have joined me along the way. Latecomers have seen the information on the Mountain series pages without having been able to read the stories, because the first of the series, Fire on the Mountain, has been out of print for the better part of a year.

That will end soon–June is not so far off! Fire, which introduces Jake and Kurt, my backbone couple for the Mountains, will be out again, this time from Dreamspinner. The novel has had extensive rewrites and is about 20% longer, and while it was well received in its first incarnation, it’s better now. I’d like to think I have grown in my craft, and the kind folks at Dreamspinner have helped shape the novel a little more.

Kurt has a companion story that will be in the same volume — Jake’s reasons for going into the wilderness have always been on the page, but Kurt didn’t tell Jake anything but the barest details. I’ve backed up two years to examine what drove Kurt to leave most other people behind.

And I’m all excited because I’m about to do a last pass on edits and send about 72,ooo words of fiery reading back to my editors!

4 responses to “Fire on the Mountain redux

  1. I can’t wait to the boys back and better than ever! The phrase , “I knew her when” comes to mind, haha.

  2. Oh, very cool – looking forward to this!

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