This scammer heeds editorial advice.

It’s been a while since I’ve had any scam to slay with my red pen besides the usual Nigerian begging letters, so this came as a breath of fresh air. They are trying to address my doubts on the validity of that Irish Sweepstakes ticket I’ve never had, which got the form rejection. At least they heed editorial advice. Plausibility is still going to sink them.



We are delighted to inform you of our Post Code Lotto prize award held in Rotterdam-Netherlands. This lotto awards is fully based on an
electronic selection, Winners were picked by computerized system, drawn from over 43,000,00 companies and individuals e-mail addresses worldwide. This award is officially announced in Rotterdam-Netherlands, Your email ID has hereby been approved alump sum pay out of ?1,500,000 Euro in cash
credit file Ref: GNP501/731KW, Batch: AM72/PGS27/09FC, Winning No:

Note: No ticket was sold in this prize award, winners were randomly selected from electronic online world wide. Simply contact Our Foreign Financial Office by email with the following (1)Full name (2)Telephone,
(3) Nationality, for your prize claim immediately.

Dhr.P.W Van Hann

Congratulations! once again.

Yours in service,
Mw. F.A.H. Wielage
(Dpt Sec.)

Well, of course there are benevolent strangers roaming the worlds and combing through lists of email addresses, just yearning to deposit large sums of money in random bank accounts. Just like the Tooth Fairy makes piano keys out of all the teeth she collects, and the Easter Bunny poops chocolates. I didn’t even have to buy a ticket to get chosen!

My inner editor doesn’t believe a word of it, and my inner proofreader thinks that anyone in the Netherlands knows where the Euro sign is on the keyboard. Or maybe the prize really is 1.5 million questions, all sounding like “Why did I fall for this?”

This one gets the form rejection.

2 responses to “This scammer heeds editorial advice.

  1. Who still tries to scam people with this? I guess word travels slowly that no one falls for this anymore.

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