Six Sentence Sunday–Into the Mountains

With almost too much to look at, Kurt Carlson had to focus on this one—“rock” was too small a word, but “monolith” didn’t convey the grandeur. He’d stood atop Half Dome, feeling small in the majesty of Yosemite where the bones of the world lay bare to men. The thanks had formed a lump in his throat then, and now, at the base of the titan, Kurt could barely swallow.

“If you really wanted to get to the top, we could have hiked up the valley by the falls.” Carabiners loaded with pitons, hex nuts, and “friends” clanked against each other on the webbing harness slung over Benji’s shoulder.

Trust Benji Shaffer to blow a hole in the poetry of the moment.
This is from the bonus short Into the Mountains, which will be available June 22 along with my novel, Fire in the Mountain. Jake and Kurt will return this summer in an expanded Fire from Dreamspinner come June 22, 2012.

One response to “Six Sentence Sunday–Into the Mountains

  1. LoL, I think I already like Benji. Good six!

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