Out in the Rockies –Cryselle has more excerpts

The blog hop continues! We’ve meandered back to Cryselle’s Bookshelf,, where Michele Montgomery and I have excerpts up. Got to warn you, be sure you know where the tissue box is when you read Michele’s.

Mine’s a snippet from Fire on the Mountain, which looks a little too much like the news around here: the slurry bombers have been taking off from the nearby airport every hour and a half or so for the last three days. The smoke has cleared somewhat–the firefighters are working their tails off.

Leave a note here, and leave a note there. All commenters here can have a copy of Crepuscule Monstrum just for stopping by (tell me PDF, MOBI or EPUB), and also get entered for the big prizes.

In the next few days, we’ll be visiting:

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June 16: P.D. Singer

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June 18: Michelle L. Montgomery

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7 responses to “Out in the Rockies –Cryselle has more excerpts

  1. Thanks for the great snippet of Fire on the Mountian.

  2. Fire on the Mountain looks great, I look forward to reading it!


  3. You weren’t kidding about Michele’s excerpt. What a talent. I may have to wait a bit before reading her book but whoa …

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

    PS. I loved your excerpt too and I hope that you and yours are all safe during the fires.

  4. Really a great blog hop and finding new to me authors. Would appreciate Crepuscule Monstrum in mobi. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the excerpt. Great blog hop.


  6. Nice excerpt!
    Epub is preferred.
    Thanks 😉

  7. Great excerpt! This sounds so good! Thanks for sharing! If i win, id love to have your book in pdf please. Thank you!

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