Stars and sweetpeas, oh my!

Buh… Buh… Fire on the Mountain just came out and it’s up at Jessewave’s!

5 stars ! Whee!   Jenre summarized by saying: “A re-release of a book which is firmly on my keeper shelf, this lovely romance is bound to delight many new readers.” And she liked Kurt’s climbing story!

Mrs Condit loved all over it too:  5 sweet peas! “FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN is a sexy, entertaining story and the beautiful way Ms Singer puts words together makes it very enjoyable to read. Her research into the job of a forest ranger added details that really pulled me into the story and hooked me from the first page to the last. “

2 responses to “Stars and sweetpeas, oh my!

  1. Wonderful and well deserved! I love this book!

  2. I picked it up at DSP ! 🙂
    Now I just need time to read !

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