Another wonderful cover! Now it’s even harder to decide!

And just when I got this post up, Jared comes up with another idea!

And here’s what they look like in thumbnail.


13 responses to “Another wonderful cover! Now it’s even harder to decide!

  1. Two votes for the new one! And another vote for “Jared is awesome!”

  2. I like the one with the picture of the 2 men. We don’t often acknowledge that being gay is not a “modern” thing — that indeed, there were homosexuals who loved one another a century ago, and 2, and 3, and 30….. I think the “old” looking photo shows that.

  3. You know my thoughts on the picture with the two guys – it’s cool, but reminds me of Henry & Jim by JM Snyder. I’d love to see a variant with different guys, but if not, the new cover. 🙂

  4. There’s a bunch of convo in the background with me and Jared that you aren’t seeing–we’re tweaking the title color just a bit. Heidi’s comment and Chris’s are sort of an intertwined problem–we don’t have a lot of pictures to choose from for a couple. Josephine Myles has an astonishing array of older pictures, but they’re mostly doing something too naughty to put on the cover! :S

  5. I love the new (top) one. Love the parchment in the background that looks as if it could be a passenger record or a captain’s log from the ship. It’s a subtle and evocative. 🙂

  6. Oops. It’s good to actually finish my sentences before I punctuate. Pfft. I was going to say it’s a subtle and evocative reminder of the event the love story is written around.

    There. Done. 🙂

    • I liked that touch. One day I will learn to just say a few words to the cover artist, like, Titanic. Man/men, and then get out of his way. When I do, good things happen.

      • You weren’t in my way. You had a picture you love and it’s my job to incorporate it into the design. Sometimes, I just have to do it a different way. *hugs*

  7. They’re all lovely, but I’d definitely go with the one at the top of the post, with the guy and the rope and the ship, because it works best in thumbnail.

    I loved this story, btw, so it’s great to see it getting a snazzy new outfit! 😀

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