Help! I can’t decide!

One of the lovelier problems one can have is too many good choices. I’m fighting exactly that. Trying to pick the cover for Donal agus Jimmy is wearing out my decider, so I’m putting my choices where I can see them side by side in full size and in thumbnail, because I can’t keep dithering. Both are by Jared Rackler, who does his best to translate my handwavings into art.

And here’s what they look like in thumbnail.


For those of you thinking “Haven’t I seen this before?” the answer is “possibly.” But did you read it? You’ll get another chance. Republication date TBA when I decide on a cover!

15 responses to “Help! I can’t decide!

  1. While they’re both lovely, I believe that readers may not fully understand the meaning behind the image of the first cover before reading, while the second more clearly coveys the essense of the story.

    • Erm, I very cleverly did not put them in the same order in both sizes. :headdesk: Are you thinking the picture with inset of the men conveys better?

  2. Knowing nothing about the meaning behind it, I simply prefer the one with the photo inset.

  3. I like the idea of the two guys, but my mind immediately flashed to another book that used them (yeah, the freaky pattern matching memory):

    Maybe a different picture if you want to use that concept?

  4. I prefer the one without the photo. Not sure why, just something about the composition, And if you do go for the photo-less option, I suggest moving the title a bit further up the page – it looks kind of squished to me.

  5. I like the picture inset. One suggestion is that you have a background of the dockyards? Jared does excellent work! 😀

    • The picture behind the photo inset is the dockyards at closing time–that’s the Titanic in the gantry, still in the keel and plating stage. We just can’t see a lot of it.

  6. I liked the one with the two men, and am getting another vote from of same for DIL.

  7. Thank you, guys! Jared complicated the choices for us– see the next post.

    Chris, I always wondered how you spotted the same torsos in all their incarnations for the Misadventures. You must have an astonishing visual memory. I have some misadventure fodder for you, even if my examples are more obvious than most of yours.

    • Based on some reading I’ve done, it’s very likely I have high-functioning autism – the sort of pattern matching skill I have is described as a savant skill…

  8. I like the one without the men for some reason. I really enjoyed the story BTW.

  9. Hi PD – what a dilemma you have – they’re BOTH great. However I vote for the one without the men on the cover. I like the color, composition and positioning of the type with the photo collage. A bit more evocative as opposed to the more literal interpretation of the second cover.

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