Saturday Snark!

Snow on the Mountain PD Singer coverThis week’s snark comes from Snow on the Mountain, which will be out from Dreamspinner in two weeks.

Kurt’s interviewing at the ski school, and Jake’s come inside where it’s warm.

A tall blond man in ski clothes entered while she was still on the phone and took a seat on her desk, one thigh raised against the edge. He scowled at the closed door, then at me. What? I was just waiting.

“Did Rudi not decide upon Egon?” His words were to her, but his sneer was to me. “Or does he want corn-fed Americans now?”


For more snarkitude from some great authors, check the list at Marie Sexton’s blog.

4 responses to “Saturday Snark!

  1. Poor cornfed American!

  2. I may not like Ulf much, but he does know his snark!

  3. Charlie Cochet

    Really liked that! Thank you!

  4. Very nice! Thanks so much for joining in!

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