Grade A Review for Fire on the Mountain!

Guest Review: Fire on the Mountain by P.D. Singer | Escape Reality, Read Fiction!.
Cryselle at Reading Reality said:

Jake Landon’s ready to hide from the world and his own sexuality for the duration of the fire season, a plan that would work a whole lot better if his new partner wasn’t seriously hot and wholly uninhibited. From the opening scene, where Kurt rinses off the sweat from firefighting in an impromptu shower to an unplanned trip into a chilly mountain lake to retrieve runaway groceries, Kurt’s clothes don’t stay on consistently. For two guys who aren’t exactly part of civilization, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Unless, of course, everything about your partner, from his little adjustments of your arm to correct your archery stance to the sight of his ranger-green utilities stretched tight across his butt while he’s climbing a tree gives you a raging case of lust. Poor Jake—he’s terrified to reach out for what he’s not entirely sure is being offered. At twenty-two, he’s only now coming to terms with his own desires and is almost completely inexperienced…

(more insightful review here 🙂 ) Grade: A

Read the rest at Reading Reality.

2 responses to “Grade A Review for Fire on the Mountain!

  1. Just bought the newly updated version. Can’t wait to get started. Beautiful cover too BTW!

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