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Welcome Blog Hoppers! Thanks for helping us kick off Rainbow Book Reviews. Our member bloggers are talking about what LGBTQ means to us. My roots in it are a little odd.

I started writing LGBT literature without any deep reasons.  I liked to read m/m romance, and why shouldn’t I write what I’d like to read? I think I tell a reasonably good story, and it’s a challenge to do better with each piece.

But that’s not why I keep writing m/m romance.

There is someone dear to me, from whom I was estranged for far too long, a family member whose complete story is not mine to tell. For brevity’s sake, let’s call him Rick, his name from a role-playing game long since forgotten by the rest of the world. And It was my great good fortune to reconnect with him very early in my writing career, when I had a few pieces out, and was idly considering what to write next. Maybe something with lots of ass-kicking girls in it.

Now, Rick had never been much of a reader. I’ve always found this frustrating, since books were my best cheap transport out of a little town in the middle of nowhere, and damn but he wanted out of there. I’d shove what I thought was escape into his hands, and he’d leave it under the remote control. In the course of this reconnection, in a big city a thousand miles from where we’d begun this conversation, he finally told me why.

“Because none of your books were about people like me.”

I’d offered him classics, I’d offered him pulps, I’d offered him historicals, mysteries, and science fiction. Of the thousand books I read before I got out of Nowhereville, only one had a hint of gay/bi characters, and I’d learned to stop offering books he’d only abandon long before I read Time Enough for Love. And I didn’t know then that Heinlein’s book, at least the Tertius section, might have been what he needed.

None of my books, the books I owned, had people like him. But decades later, my books, the books I wrote, did.

What followed was notable in our history of excruciating conversations, right up there with me getting to explain sex to him back in the day. (It briefly crossed my mind that my dreadful thirteen-year-old’s explanation had grossed him out about girls to a life-altering degree.) But I got a grip, and explained that I wrote romance. Even non-readers can have genre-contempt, but that lifted brow changed shape when I told him the couple’s names were Kurt and Jake.

All of a sudden he was interested. “Do they get a happy ending?”

When we finished cringing, I admitted this was so, and of course, the excruciation factor doubled, because now, for the first time in memory, Rick wanted to read.

All the things he’d never mentioned because he didn’t want people thinking about relative to him were going to get blatantly displayed as having gone through my mind and out my fingertips. But if Rick wanted to read, I’d give him material. With a firm admonition that no matter whether I’d gotten the explicit scenes really right or really wrong, I didn’t want to find out from him, I downloaded my work to his computer.

Some time later, he gave me the only literary criticism he’s ever offered, but it was the remark that mattered most to keeping me writing m/m romance.

“Is there any more?”

Yes, Rick, there’s more. That’s the only possible answer.


I’d like to share some of the “more” with you. Leave me a comment For a chance to win your choice of Fire on the Mountain or Snow on the Mountain, which are now out from Dreamspinner, all expanded, revised, polished, and with bonus stories included.

Is there a series where you’re anxiously waiting for “more”? Tell me, and then keep hopping with more great authors and publishers!

74 responses to “Rainbow Reviews Blog Hop — Jump Here

  1. Well… I liked your mountain series… =) I guess I cant wait to read the bonus stories that are included… and maybe #3?


  2. I have Fire On The Mountain..so I need Snow On The Mountain, right? 🙂
    I would love “more” of the On Call shorts..maybe a not so short continuation! I love those two and the furrys!


    • Aw, thanks! It really doesn’t have to be one of my series. Frex: I just finished Angela Benedetti’s new one in the Sentinels universe, Emerging Magic. I’ve been waiting for that one for a long time! (Kick-ass m/m urban fantasy)

  3. I love m/m fiction and am loving this blog hop, and discovering new, to me, authors. Thanks for including me in the draw 🙂

  4. Please count me in.

    I don’t have any series I’m anxiously waiting for. I loved the Coda books by Marie Sexton but I doubt another one will be coming out. I’m also a big fan of the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux but I’m still working my way through that series.

  5. your on the mountain series is awesome! i have enjoyed both books very much


  6. I’m just starting to find LGBT serieses that I plan to follow. It’s great discovering new-to-me authors 🙂


  7. I adored the Rare Event, it was the first book of yours I read. I loved it so much i have it in paperback as well as ebook. I’d love more books like that. I do have Fire on the Mountain but i haven’t read it yet, sorry i have a TBR list in the 100s


  8. I loved your story. And I haven’t read any of your books yet – obviously an omission on my part. So please count me in.

    • Will do! I have a freebie on Goodreads called Sugar on the Mountain if you (and the rest of my visitors) want to grab a copy. (Follow the link on the Free read tab above.)

  9. I am an avid reader and I can not believe that I have not yet read you books!! I mean, I absolutely love to read and have a diverse library. I will be a future reader for sure, I just read you book blurbs and they all sound great!!

  10. That was a fantastic review from Rick! No need to add me to the draw I’ve got ’em already.

  11. One of the series I’m following is Little By Lost by JP Barnaby. I have Fire on the Mountain.Thanks for the hop.

  12. Thanks for sharing your story and participating in the Rainbow Blog Hop.

  13. I’ve heard amazing things about FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN! Great post.


  14. I’m starting Fire on the Mountain tonight, and I’m sure after I’m done I’ll be eagerly rushing to buy a copy of Snow on the Mountain (don’t add me to the hat.)

    I love your story about your friend, and how he finally found literature that appealed to him. How inspiring, to be able to do that for someone!

  15. Your posting about Rick really touched me, and I’m so glad that there was a reconnection. I have Fire on the Mountain on my Kindle, but not yet read, so I would love Snow on the Mountain. Just trying to catch up with so many books and so many authors, so no series that I’m waiting anxiously about.
    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  16. I love your books, and your story about Rick just made me teary. I love series in general, getting to spend more time with characters and in worlds I love. If I were to list all the series for which I’m waiting for more, I’d practically write a novel myself! 🙂

  17. Well there’s always more, isn’t there?

    I’m currently waiting for Z. Allora’s next installment. And then I’m always waiting for more Zathyn Priest books, of course 😉

    eripike at gmail dot com

    • Zathyn’s an incredible artist, too; I just read one of his, with illustrations that just rocked. The bread hedgehog cracked me up.

  18. Well, there are several, but right now, I’m anxiously awaiting continuations of several of Amber Kell’s books and Joyee Flynn’s Hiding Hounds series. Anyways, thanks for sharing!


  19. I loved Fire on the Mountain so I am definitely looking forward to Snow on the Mountain. I read a lot of series. Just finished Star & Stripes, the latest in Abigail Roux’s Cut & Run series. Next I want to get RJ Scott’s Texas Heat(Texas series) and SJ Frost’s Loving Instincts.

    Enjoyed your post. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


  20. madisonparklove

    Your story was very touching. Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading your work.

  21. I loved Fire on the Mountain and I have Snow on the Mountain on my wishlist at DSP. Are you planning second editions of the other Mountain books?

    I really like the Cut & Run series, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next book in the Holmes & Moriarity series by Josh Lanyon.

    margec02 @ gmail. com

    • Fall Down the Mountain is coming in a couple of months, and after that, the all new Blood on the Mountain will be along.

  22. When it comes right down to it his question ‘Is there any more?’ is/was the best criticism any writer can ask for. Bravo.

  23. As a romance reader, I’m happy to read Rick’s search for books to read had a happy ending. 🙂

    As for the series… I was looking forward to KA Mitchell’s new book. Now I’m hoping there’s more to come.

  24. Fire on the mountain was great. Loved your post. Thanks for participating in the Hop.

  25. Oh, what a lovely and sweet post. Thank you for sharing.

    If chosen, I would like Fire on the Mountain, please.

    Tracey D
    booklocer0226 at gmail dot com

  26. That was a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. I hope “Rick” never runs out of material to read.

  27. Thanks so much for participating in the hop! I always look forward to Carol Lynne’s Cattle Valley series, mainly be ause I am a glutton of punishment! It started with the Good Time Boys, then the Men in Love, on to Bodygaurds in Love, then Campus Cravings, and now Cattle Valley, an interconnected web of tangled love spanning 59 books… I’m exhausted, in a good way!
    OceanAkers @ aol.com

  28. That was a great blog post!
    I don’t have any particular series that I’m following right now. But I did see one on Goodreads, I think it’s the same one Juliana mentioned, the Cattle Valley series. I might try reading the whole series some day.


  29. What a great story! I know about cringe-factors. When my gay cousin sits and discusses his sex-life (or lack of it) with me, my ultra straight husband goes off to make coffee. But he has encouraged me to write, so we forgive him – even if he won’t let me wear my book-cover Tshirt out shopping!

  30. Your series is on my get list and at moment I Have Life Lessons by Kaje Harper to read when book 3 comes out.

  31. Ty and Zane!!!! The lost gods by Megan Derr as well, oh and JL Langleys With and Without series as well as her Regelence series!

  32. Wonderful post! Count me in please. I loved Fire on the Mountain.

  33. Firstly, hi, P.D. I really enjoyed your post, and the reason you started writing m/m.
    Secondly: I’m waiting impatiently for 2 series’ next installments:
    Part 4 of the Scarlet and the White Wolf series by Kirby Crow, &
    Part 3 of Tarin’s World (Out of the Woods) by Syd McGinley.
    Oh, I tell myself to be patient, but it’s very difficult. *wriggles about a bit more*


    corieltauviqueen at yahoo dot co dot uk

  34. akasarahmadison

    “Because none of your books were about people like me.”

    What a powerful motivator for writing stories! Thank you so much for sharing Rick’s story with us. You know, I think sometimes we discount how important storytelling can be for the right person at the right time in their lives. I’m glad Rick found a love for reading through your stories!

    akasarahmadison at gmail dot com

  35. Shirley Ann Speakman

    I enjoyed reading your post. Checked my list of books and I’ve got all of yours but I must admit I loved the Mountain series the best.
    Please enter me for the Contest

  36. What a wonderful way to begin writing! Thanks for sharing.


  37. What a great post. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your books yet but I hope to change that soon.
    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  38. That is a wonderful story…thank you for sharing Rick’s story. I hope you both stat connected for a very long time! And a series I want to read more of? ALL OF THEM!! (but anxiously awaiting Qhuay’s book in the BDB!)

  39. Very nice post.


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