My inner font geek wants this book!

Oh how I wish I could reproduce this periodic table accurately! Go, all you font lovers, click the pic to see a really good rendition, and while you’re doing that, I am running to buy Just My Type by Simon Garfield.

How can I resist this?

Just My Type is a book of stories about fonts. It examines how Helvetica and Comic Sans took over the world. It explains why we are still influenced by type choices made more than 500 years ago, and why the T in the Beatles logo is longer than the other letters. It profiles the great originators of type, from Baskerville to Zapf, as well as people like Neville Brody who threw out the rulebook. The book is about that pivotal moment when fonts left the world of Letraset and were loaded onto computers, and typefaces became something we realized we all have an opinion about. And beyond all this, the book reveals what may be the very best and worst fonts in the world – and what your choice of font says about you.

Jared, you *know* you want this too!

8 responses to “My inner font geek wants this book!

  1. I’m hurt PD, that you didn’t include ME in your last statement. You know I have a Font-Fetish too. 🙂 I’ll HAVE to check this one out.

    • I haven’t tormented you with Comic Sans quite the way I’ve tormented Jared, but I could show you some of the Bleeding Cowboy covers that have made him cry. We can look this over together like teenagers with porn!

  2. And I’m counting on you to suggest the font for my next novel…

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  4. I HAVE this book! It’s awesome. The best story was about the “drowned” font. This guy literally took all the pieces of the font (hundreds of blocks of type) and systematically threw them in the river over three years.

  5. It comes out on Sept 4, on 🙂

    • I don’t want the hardback, so yeah, I’m waiting for the paper edition. An ebook wouldn’t actually have what makes this book so interesting, isn’t that weird? Unless they did a LOT of graphics.

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