Completely twittipated before the trip

I am a little freaked out because it’s the night before I’m leaving for Albuquerque. Running around, trying to find my socks and toothbrush, get them all in the suitcase, and oh, my, how much does this damned thing weigh? I have swag for handing out, some paperbacks, some of which are spoken for, and Dreamspinner should be bringing more. Do I have everything? All except my mind, which was misplaced about a week ago.

I’m flying out from Denver with Carter Quinn, Michele Montgomery, and Jeff Erno, and will be meeting up with Eden Winters, Jared Rackler, and EM Lynley about a jillion other folks I can hardly wait to see again, plus all the new friends I’m looking forward to making.

I do have a camera with me, and I PROMISE to update regularly this year.

2 responses to “Completely twittipated before the trip

  1. I will not be sleeping at all tonight! And I’m almost certain I have already forgotten something.

  2. Breathe! You will be fine! Have a wonderful time!

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