Made it to Albuquerque!

Eden Winters, Jared Rackler, and I all got up at oh-dark-thirty today to get on our respective planes. Jared came in from Lubbock, TX, and also got his first ever visit to Denver, because planes apparently don’t go form Lubbock straight to Albuquerque. Eden got to visit Atlanta on the way, and whee–I got here in one hop.

Lots of folks got in early; the festivities don’t start officially until tomorrow, but a good time is already underway. We had dinner with a couple of lovely readers, Jo and Ann, and our buddy John, and we’ve been yacking non-stop with folks like Ariel Tachna, KC Burn, Amy Lane, Jamie Fessenden, and Sarah York.

Lots of familiar faces from last year already; and I’m meeting people at such a rate my brain is spilling over, but we have name tags now–yay! that helps.

Lots of great activities tomorrow; publisher spotlights and author bingo, among other things. Let the fun commence!

One response to “Made it to Albuquerque!

  1. Don’t forget the pictures! 🙂

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