Gentlemen’s Juke Joint–dance ’til we dropped

More fun at GayRomLit yesterday– we browsed for swag, chatted with old frineds and met new folks. The air was thick with “Squee!” as authors and fans did mega hugs and joyful recognition. I got to meet Lisa Horan for the first time, a reviewer who’s been very kind to my books, and she is the beautiful and charming lady in person that I always imagined. So many great people who have been names on covers or (oh joy) a signature on an email, and lots of great folks who were in New Orleans too.

Our favorite indie cover artist, Jared Rackler, is hanging with us this time, and he’s quite the cutie–people keep dragging him off to meet editors and authors and I think a couple folks just wanted to listen to him make these wry and hysterically funny remarks. The man can dance. I have pics, but damn the technology to get them out of the camera. Soon, I promise, soon!

At the Juke Joint party, everybody danced eventually, although we started out with some near nekkid pros, who shook their booties on stage and uh, sometimes a little (or a lot) more up close and personal. One was a little pocket hunk-he barely came up to my nose but he had confidence enough for a linebacker, and apparent an urge to go mountain climbing. I let him keep the hand.

These fellas encouraged the gropage–slipping a buck or two into their g strings would have them grabbing your hands for a nice feel. (The MU isn’t reading this, are you, honey? I only did it once.) I had been encouraging one of my favorite mm readers to make his offering, but I only had a twenty and he thought that was too much for one time. He thought he had me there, but a casino with a nice cashier is just around the corner, so pretty soon I had 20 opportunities to see how close pocket hunk shaved. I slipped bills to several folks, who squealed and enjoyed. Caitlin Ricci and Autumn Heart will either forgive me or revel in the memory.

We closed the place, and I danced til I dropped.

Off to Old Town Albuquerque this afternoon!

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