Kate Pavelle succumbs to temptation

My guest today has been doing some reading, and may just have drooled on her e-reader. Meet Kate Pavelle, author of Attack of the Hedgehogs in Dreamspinner’s new anthology, Don’t Try This At Home. (Read it and laugh!)

Being a writer means sitting still. Sitting still, even whilst writing about hot guys who train horses and compete in triathlons, means I pay for my sedentary lifestyle by going to the gym and eating salad.  Chicken paprikasz, a delicious Hungarian dish redolent of paprika and onions that melts on the tongue in its unctuous, creamy sauce, is not a salad – nor is it a triathlon food.

It is seduction food, at least according to Mark and Allan in Fall Down the Mountain by P.D. Singer. See, I just finished reading the book and between the culinary exploits of the adorable and sweet Allan and the Hurricane Sandy’s incessant rain, I’ve baked two batches of Allan’s cinnamon roll and had seconds of chicken paprikasz. I am a hopeless food slut.

Instead of soup, salad, and whole grain bread, I succeeded in feeding my (grateful) family the sort of food that supplies Olympic skiers with their requisite 5,000 calories a day. Knowing it’s all Pam’s fault is cold comfort, because it will be me, not Pam, who will get saddle sores in spinning class tomorrow, fretting over carrying extra weight next triathlon season, or worrying about weighing down the horses while jumping them over obstacles come Sunday.

I am not an exercise nut: varied physical activity not only allows me to sit by the computer for hours on end, it also lets me carry out field research for my stories and books. In case of horseback riding, “Wild Horses” appears in the Animal Magnetism anthology by Dreamspinner Press. I will never ride like Kai or Attila, but I will always be comforted by the warm, uric scent of horse just like Kai, and I shall strive to attain Attila’s equine understanding. Reviewers and fans have clamored to read more about Attila and Kai, and I complied with their wishes: the Wild Horses novel will be submitted to Dreamspinner Press before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck on that! If you want to find out how Kai, a homeless street rat from Pittsburgh ended up bonding with not only the elegant and shy Attila but with his horses as well, I recommend you try the short story first.

The Don’t Try This At Home anthology contains my story “The Attack of the Hedgehogs”. Don’t let the title mislead you into thinking that this is an animal story… it’s rather spicier than the sour cream-laden chicken paprikasz. Boy meets boy, they experiment with a bit of well-meant control but their activities result in unintended, rather prickly consequences.

If you wish to stave off the holiday pounds, I suggest you indulge in reading Fall Down the Mountain and enjoy your cinnamon rolls and rich seduction food vicariously. Don’t look up the recipe, don’t roll out the dough. Unless you’re willing to put in the time at the gym, don’t try this at home! (And if you do anyway, you can blame it on Pam!)
Too many calories lead to one kind of embarassment, but try Kate’s new anthology for a whole assortment of oopsies.

Don’t Try This At Home

Bonked heads. Rough carpet. Burned dinner. Awkward silence. Bitten lips. Startling length. Spilled wax. Pinched fingers. Shattered wineglass. Closet quickie. Flat souffle. Broken bedframe. Shower sex. Overzealous spanking. Embarrassing ex. Lost wallet. Terrible taste. Sore shoulders. Noxious odor. Absent date. Unbelievable girth. Kitchen canoodling. New toy. Stained sheets. Backward compliment. Stifling pillow. Locked handcuffs. Aching ass. Missing keys. Torn seams. Wrenched back. Angry cat. Overeager pass. Uncooperative zipper.

Something always goes wrong in real life. Fortunately, in these stories love blunts the edges so that romance always triumphs over adversity.

Stories included are:
Midnight Caller by Anna Birmingham
Snapshots by Rena Butler
Basil’s Luck by Henrietta Clarke
Boys, Toys, and Carpet Fitters by Taylin Clavelli
Outbursts by Bell Ellis
Tyler Wang Has a Ball by Kim Fielding
Boy Next Door by Ellee Hill
Gremlins in the Works by Kiernan Kelly
Good Food Gone Bad by Venona Keyes
Attack of the Hedgehogs by Kate Pavelle
It’s Not What You Think by Teegan Loy
Slippery When Wet by K. Lynn
Desperate Measures by E.T. Malinowski
Gordon’s Cat by Aundrea Singer
Photo Finish by AC Valentine

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