Giveaway at Jessewave’s

Blood on the Mountain PD SingerJessewave has a copy of Blood on the Mountain to give away today. Sign up here! (And be patient–the site’s loading slowly because of holiday traffic.) There’ll be another copy Saturday in Wave’s Big-Assed Holiday Giveaway, plus a chance for your choice of the other Mountain novels and a copy of The Rare Event.

In other news, Blood picked up a lovely tribute from a reader (you can see the original at Amazon).

What’s not to like about this book. Yes it can be read without reading the others, but in combination it makes a very good read. The struggles and surprises along the way left me emotionally charged.

I’ve had my partner read the first 2 books and he don’t seem to want to put them down. The commute to work don’t seem long enough for him.

The coggles of my heart are particularly warm today.

2 responses to “Giveaway at Jessewave’s

  1. Congrats! You should be proud 🙂

  2. I clicked on the “Sign Up Here” but it said “This page could not be found”. I’d like to join in the Giveaway. I’ve read the blurb and it sounds so good!!!! Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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