New pretties for the Mountains

Cross the Mountain400x600 (2) Return to the Mountain400x600 (2)

I have new pretties!  Reese Dante was very busy with her magic fingers and Photoshop, creating covers for two upcoming Mountain stories.

Return to the Mountain stars two new characters, Gary Richardson and Seth Morgan, a couple of small town boys with nothing but empty pockets, big dreams, and each other. Gary and Seth need an entire novel for their story. Watch for a couple of characters from The Rare Event who come to play golf in the Rockies. Who said Wapiti Creek was only fun in the winter?

Cross the Mountain is a Mark and Allan story–a little bit of a “Good time goes wrong, but not permanently” tale. This one is a short, and will be free. Dreamspinner and I want to give a small gift to all the Mountain fans, and a nommy little taste to new readers.

Watch for both books to come out in March–they’ll be here with the others once they hit the coming soon page.

8 responses to “New pretties for the Mountains

  1. *___* OMG!! THESE ARE SO AWESOME!! lol…
    Nice, nice~~ I look forward to their release~~~ \^o^/

  2. Hey, the guys on the cover of Return are both completely new to me! 😀

    Let me know when you have dates… 🙂

    • WIN! I doubt you’ll ever see the golfer again, though I imagine the hungry sharks will find suitboy before long. Will let you know when I have dates.

  3. Those are gorgeous! Congrats and yay!

    • Thanks! I love what Reese can do. I saw the fellas in their raw state, and she had to do a couple of sand trap transplants.

  4. March? Horray, birthday pressies for meeeee 🙂
    Looking forward to both

    • March! Coming soon! For some reason my releases cluster at the 17-19th of the month. It’s not up on the coming soon page yet.

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