Return to the Mountain giveaway at Stumbling over Chaos

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Return to the Mountain will be available next week, and you might be the lucky reader who wins a copy at Stumbling Over Chaos. Just swing by and leave your name for a chance to win an e-copy.   This is the fifth book in the Mountains universe, but it’s Gary and Seth’s first novel. The book stands alone, but you might recognize some familiar faces from my other works. Keep an eye out for the secondary characters!


Caddy Gary Richardson hungers for the lush life of the wealthy golfers he escorts around the course at Wapiti Creek. The contrast between his tiny trailer at the edge of a mountain town and the luxurious ski and golf resort is something he’s learned to live with but not like. Gary wants the fancy condo and late-model car not just for himself but for his childhood friend turned lover, Seth Morgan. He’d settle for security for the two of them, but even that seems out of reach.

Seth is content with Gary and enough spare cash for greens fees at municipal golf courses. Going pro is beyond his means, even if he plays well enough to win on the championship resort courses. Gary would do anything to fulfill Seth’s dreams, even things he’d rather keep to himself. When an unheard of opportunity knocks, Gary can answer or resign himself to living on tips from affluent tourists.

But Seth can’t live with that answer when it means his trust has been betrayed. He has to let go and hope the man he loves will find his way home.

Leave your name at Stumbling Over Chaos–you could win!

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