It’s all in the presentation

Return to the Mountain400x600 (2)I’m starting to get all nervous about my new release. Return to the Mountain will be available March 22, and the nail biting has commenced. So have pre-orders, for that matter. **bites more**

Because the romance is really all about “boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gains boy,’ right? I tried to wrap that framework in new and shiny clothing, to tell the sequence in such a way that it becomes a fresh, worthwhile read.

Gary and Seth’s adventure is unrelated to the other Mountain stories, although some familiar faces lurk within the pages in secondary roles. They play a lot of golf, a game that’s surprisingly popular in the Colorado Rockies, judging from the amount of municipal courses and championship courses dotting the mountains. After all, one has to do something when there’s not enough snow to ski on–or enough money for lift tickets. These two are mountain boys, from a small town where the biggest employer once was a molybdenum mine and is now the fancy resort up valley. Gary longs for a day when he and Seth can sit down and be served a meal, instead of serving it.

So with the details I hope to put a new spin on a familiar structure. We all like a happy ending, and we want our MCs to have the love they’ve sought. And the underlying plot is a comfort, not a drawback. The voice and details are what make the plot a worthwhile read, because there are only so many plots to use.

Think about it–Avatar and Alien are the same movie.

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