Durn you, WordPress! I have news to share.

I spent a big chunk of yesterday redoing some pages around–there’s new releases on the horizon after all–and WordPress ate it! After I did tables and text and links and…and…and…

And it disappeared. >._.<

I wanted to show everyone the pretty covers for the Mountain stories that will be out Friday. Gary and Seth’s novel will be out, and so will Cross the Mountain, a Mark and Allan short. I redid the front page, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see Jake, Kurt, Mark, and Allan decorating the front page. Not that they aren’t cute, but…

So here! Check ’em out!

Return to the Mountain400x600 (2)Cross the Mountain400x600 (2)

Reese Dante did a great job capturing the essence of the stories, for which I can’t thank her enough. And now that I’ve made WordPress regurgitate the code I worked so hard on, things look quite, um, green and white around here. There’s a lot of golf courses up in them hills. And you ski cross country on them when there’s three feet of snow covering the grass.

March 22. At Dreamspinner.

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