A new novel and a Facebook chat with A.B. Gayle

Return to the Mountain400x600 (2)I’m getting wound up–Return to the Mountain comes out tomorrow! Gary and Seth’s adventure takes a very different tack from my fire-fighting, avalanche dodging, and okay, goulash-cooking characters. These two young men are small-mountain-town boys, with nothing but big dreams and each other. If you’re quick, you might still get in on the giveaway at Stumbling Over Chaos, but that ends tonight. Which is cool–you can get your own for sure starting at midnight!

And mark your calendar for Saturday, March 23, where from 1 to 7 Eastern, which is 11 to 5 Mountain time, and Sunday in Australia ;), I will be chatting at the Dreamspinner page with the very talented A.B. Gayle, whose book also comes out tomorrow. Erm, Tonight. Or–eek, just get it starting midnight EDST. We’ll be answering questions, yacking about our stories, posting excerpts, teasing each other, giving away a this or that here and there;) and having a great time with readers from all over the globe. Don’t miss it–A.B.’s staying up most of the night to play with us.

LeatherSwathed in chiffon and lace, Steven Stanhope owns the stage as Stevie Tricks, lip-synching the songs of the famous gypsy queen. But after he escapes an abusive Master/slave relationship, the only collar he’ll allow around his neck is black velvet.

After a four-year absence, Steve is ready to reclaim his life and the property he left behind. But is it safe? Definitely not if his ex is still into leather. To find out, Steve appears at a charity night for the local BDSM community, using the anonymity of his stage persona to mask his identity.

Instead of his ex-Master, Julius, Steve finds a tangled mess centered around another Master of Leather, Donato Rossi. In order to unravel their ties to the past, Steve and Don must find common ground and work together. In the process, they learn that when it comes to love, sometimes you have to make your own rules.

It’s a great day to be shopping at Dreamspinner.

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