Been Working Hard!

It’s the last day of Dean’s workshop, and my brain is now full to overflowing on how to run Indesign and news and ways of the publishing business. I have gone a whole week and opened Photoshop once. How weird is that? I expected to LIVE on that program.

Nuh uh.

But looky! I has art now for the upcoming print release of Donal agus Jimmy! Still formatting the interior, but the outside, aside from that small matter of how wide the spine will be, is done. Much as I love the story’s current face, my harsh taskmaster reminded me that if I didn’t do my own, I wouldn’t learn how, and spatted my hand for doing a back cover and spine without the front. Le sigh.

Donal7 Donal72 Donal73The theory is that these line up neatly one-two-three, which happens everywhere but here because I can’t get rid of the spaces. It’s well after midnight and my brain shorted out a good hour ago.

The inside is fun–one little tweak of the tracking control and whole lines of text organize themselves.

Where’s that button for the rest of my life?

One response to “Been Working Hard!

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your classes!

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