Freebie story, up at last

The Boy Next Door PD SingerWell, after all that cover angst, I finally made a selection. I bought the pic for the whole body position — I liked the way he was lifting the luna moth and getting out of its way. (It wasn’t a moth originally, heh.) So Dilo’s comment reminded me why I chose it to begin with, and the balance with the open space is better. I could fiddle with stuff like this until the cows come home, and have to rein myself in.

But the story is up, and ready for download. If you have the Don’t Read in the Closet Anthology, either Vol 3 or the GayRomLit edition, you have this story, but not the pretty packaging.

Here’s the link at ARe, where you can find your choice of EPUB, MOBI, or PDF.  Enjoy! I’m going to put it up at Amazon too, and if you’d all like to hit that button that says “Available at a lower price elsewhere” then you might save some unsuspecting buyer $0.99. Any money I accidentally make while Amazon is noticing this discrepancy will go to


As a boy, Kyle worshiped his teenaged neighbor Raymond; now Kyle’s a young man with deeper feelings. The casual meetings that sustained him will be over soon—Raymond’s parents are moving from the old family home.

The weeping willow tree in Raymond’s back yard is a place of transformations: from caterpillar to beautiful moth, from child to youth to adult. The old tree might retain enough of its childhood magic to open Raymond’s eyes and let him see the loving man where the adoring child once stood.


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