Report me! Please!

The Boy Next Door PD SingerThe Boy Next Door is up at Amazon now, and they don’t let me put up a perma-free title. At least, not right away.

That’s where you guys can help. Report me!

Here’s the link at ARe, where you can find your choice of EPUB, MOBI, or PDF. For free. Lovely price, free, but to achieve it at Amazon, where the lowest price they accept initially is 99 cents, people have to tell them about it. So click away, tell them it’s $0 elsewhere, and we’ll see how long it takes.

Now there are folks who paid the 99 cents , for which I thank you, and the money will go to So if you nice folks email me your receipt (redact whatever is too personal to share, aside from the price and transaction number, of course, and I will make sure you get a copy of Training Cats before it comes out.

Click here  and tell them about it being here: Grab yourself a  copy on your way by.


As a boy, Kyle worshiped his teenaged neighbor Raymond; now Kyle’s a young man with deeper feelings. The casual meetings that sustained him will be over soon—Raymond’s parents are moving from the old family home.

The weeping willow tree in Raymond’s back yard is a place of transformations: from caterpillar to beautiful moth, from child to youth to adult. The old tree might retain enough of its childhood magic to open Raymond’s eyes and let him see the loving man where the adoring child once stood.

One response to “Report me! Please!

  1. This was my first time sending a price report. To save folks a few seconds, I’ll mention the link is at the end of Product Details: “Would you like to give feedback on images or tell us about a lower price?”

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