When in need, the MU provides

I’m working on Spokes, my cycling story, and needed to send one of my protags on a ride in the Boulder area. I”m not turning up the info I want on my own, but I have this great walking, talking resource who’s ridden the area up and down. Walker Ranch, MU tells me, and I go a hunting. And now I guess I better work on getting into shape, because I have to ride this for myself, all except that section at 2.14. Not going there. Nuh uh.

2 responses to “When in need, the MU provides

  1. Sounds like a worthy cause! So 2.14 – is it too steep uphill, or too steep downhill? I’m a chicken on the downhills, always afraid my brakes will fail because, OMG, I am FAT, and these brakes are rated for a skinny athlete 🙂 (Sarcasm alert). The things we do in name of research! Enjoy!

  2. 2.14 involves carrying the bike over a near vertical wall of big rocks. Nononononononono…

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