Things I have done you probably haven’t

John Scalzi posted a second list of things he’s done that the rest of us probably haven’t, with a challenge to post our own lists there or elsewhere with a link. Angela Benedetti took up that challenge on her blog, thus providing me with another list of things that I A) haven’t done and B) really don’t want to do. (John was hit by a Pinto, Angie has con-related fiascos and a pet spider.)

captivemagic185I have, however, done something that John Scalzi possibly hasn’t, which is read Angela’s new book, Captive Magic, the third novel in the Sentinel universe, which is John’s loss, and yours too, if you don’t go get it.  Breck has a ton of trouble and the hots for  smart-ass Sentinel Manny, who might know something important for his quest. Good reading, and so are the other two novels in this series. (A Hidden Magic and Emerging Magic, both of which feature Paul and Rory, who have bit parts in this third book.) So, go get some books and outdo John Scalzi.

My list:

1) Played a concert at Carnegie Hall at 17.

2) And was rejected by the Eastman School of Music.

3)  Removed a drunk deer from the middle of the street before it got hit by a car.  (It had been dining on fermented windfall apples in my back yard, which made me the bartender and responsible, I suppose.)

4) Wrestled a skunk for a bag of marshmallows and won. Err, lost. There is a reason one is advised not to bring food into the tent on camping trips.

5) Locked myself out of a car while said vehicle was sitting in the center lane of a minor highway. And running.

6) Flew in a 1941 Stearman biplane at the Penn Yan Fly-in Breakfast.

7) Came this close to dying in a freak lemon meringue pie accident. I was not eating it at the time.

8) Did an unscheduled 70 foot free dive at Molokini Crater. I’d dropped my fish card.

9) Played backup for Tom T. Hall and an opera singer in the same day. I still find myself singing “Sneaky Snake,” but not Puccini.

10) Won enough money in Las Vegas to pay for a semester of college. I love roulette.

What have you done that most people probably haven’t?


2 responses to “Things I have done you probably haven’t

  1. I love these lists, especially yours! My interesting items that I can recall right now are x-rated in nature, so I won’t post them. Unless of course someone makes a request.

    • That X rated factor, sigh. I’ll come read them on your blog? Since I don’t have the adult content firewall, I had to leave off the adventure with the gravity wave detector.

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