What do you read on?

devices-main-overviewI admit it, I’m behind the curve on technology. A substantial amount of my ebooks are PDFs, because it wasn’t that long ago I read everything on the computer screen. It worked, though not well enough: to read in bed involved sitting up or dislocating a shoulder, and forget standing in line or waiting at the doctor’s office.

The MU got me a Kindle for our anniversary, not thinking what that would do to my book budget. Heh. And then I won a Kindle Fire at GRL (Thank you, Total-E Bound.)  How to spend more money on books [pokes up Amazon store]: it’s so easy to buy a book with a few swift swipes, and the covers show so brightly on that color screen.., and oh look, Dreamspinner downloads directly to Kindle now…

Oh, where was I? Erm, yes. And then the MU, who is an Apple fiend (sigh, there’s a whole lot of technology in this house where the mouse goes the wrong way), starts wanting to read ebooks. So he’s reading things on his iPad, on whatever app works for whatever stories he has, and then today he downloads the Kindle app, which is always the precursor to buying more books. That’s okay, I don’t have to dust them.

I did manage to email myself a PDF on my old phone, but the new one does all sorts of good tricks, and reading is one of them. Which means I need to figure out how to get the books to the phone. I could use some technical assistance on that (it’s an Android, and I guess it needs the Kindle app first).

SpokesSo I have several choices around here for what to read on, and will probably use them all at one time or another. I finally figured out how to upload Spokes to the iBookstore, so we’ll see how long that takes to go live. (Going direct is how to be reduced to tears: how do I find the invalidating error on line 591 without counting? Wahh!)

What do you read on? Why do you prefer it? Do you use more than one device?

11 responses to “What do you read on?

  1. I read on my iPad Mini. I buy all my books in .epub, so I can read them in iBooks. ^_^ I used to have a Sony ereader, but it only took docs, and that was a lot of time spent on buying html and formatting in word, so yeah … So happy with iPad! ^_^

    • The MU seems to be glued to his iPad, so it’s not just you. Did the Sony store not provide correctly formatted files for you? Reformatting would be an aggravation, so I sympathize with wanting a one-step process. I will sideload to my Kindle because the send to Kindle feature shares information with Amazon that they aren’t entitled to.

  2. I have far too many things I read on, I have dedicated ereaders like the Paperwhite and the Kobo Aura, but I also read on tablets like the Nook HD and my ipad. The Kindle app is used on bother iOS and Android, it’s very good.

  3. I’m currently reading on a Kobo Glo – I had 2 Sonys (Sonies? *g*) before that, but switched over to get the better screen resolution and the light. I’ll admit I have a probably less-than-rational aversion to Kindles because of the Big-Brotherliness of it all, but am very tempted by the shiny of a Kindle Fire. *sigh* I’m so fickle. Just ten or so months ago I was absolutely enraptured by my Kobo.
    I occasionally read on my phone – I have the Kindle app installed, and one for epubs – but only when I’m hanging around waiting and there’s nothing doing on Twitter.
    I very seldom read dead tree books these days, as I much prefer the e-reading experience. In fact I have been known to get halfway (or less) through a tree-book and get so fed up with it that I download it in e-form as the only realistic way I’ll ever get it finished! *blush*

    • I hear you on liking the e-form. I dragged home a lot of books with autographs from GayRomLit, which just aren’t the same with a cyber-signature, but now I don’t want to break the spines of my collectibles, so I went and bought…

  4. I like the simplicity of my gen2 kindle. The bf has an ipad mini and it just doesnt do it for me – too many other “distractions” on it. Kindle Fire is “on special” at the mo and I looked but if I was to change it would be the paperwhite (if 8 weeks battery life is to be believed)
    Clearly I have adapted (read LOVE) the ebook form, but do still buy print to complete existing series integrity. Am loving the latest trend of a discounted ebook when you have purchased in print as recent cataract surgery is playing havoc on my reading comfort.

    • My Fire has dismal battery life unless I power it completely down, and it’s not a fast restart. If shut entirely off between uses, it’s good for about a book and a half. Do love the adjustable fonts, especially at night when my eyes are tired. Sounds like the Matchbook program is working well for you. 😀

  5. I’m pretty fond of my Kindle Paperwhite, especially the part where I can lay in bed with the lights out and read, which helps me actually start to feel tired while I’m reading, because if I leave the lights on I’ll never feel sleepy and lose track of time reading and be up all night.

    However, some of the bloom has fallen off the rose with me and the Kindle, because of the limitations in the way it handles tagging and cataloging books into collections. It does it, but it’s a very bare-bones feature and there’s no way to do it on your computer and then import it over to the Kindle, which would make it so much cleaner. If Amazon would integrate more of that functionality into the Kindle software, I’d be beyond thrilled, because right now I have some collections with 100-200 books in them, which is like half my library, so it’s not like the collection saves me any effort when trying to find something.

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