This book wants to be free! Help!

ScrumCan anyone here give an author a hand? I have Scrum up for free at Apple and Kobo, but Amazon insists on a price when it’s listed. I’d like to make it free, so will you guys tell on me? Please?

The links for my public shaming:

Go to Amazon and tell them that Kobo has it for free at: and so does Apple:

For that matter, so does All Romance Ebooks, where you can get your choice of MOBI, PDF, or EPUB, but the ‘Zon takes the other two sites more into consideration for price matching. Help me make this story free everywhere, by reporting a lower price with the cut and paste links. Please and thank you, and grab a copy for yourself!

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One look at the Canadian rugby star now playing on his local team turns Robin Isley into a super-fan. He’ll attend practices, cheer every game, and bleed with every tackle, but he won’t come close enough to get an autograph or say a few words.

Yves Dubois’ team runs faster, passes better, and scrums harder when Robin watches: they’ve been winning steadily. Yves has a blinding smile for Robin after practices, but never stops to talk.

Robin needs to know if Yves’ grin is only joy in the game. Finding out will be Robin’s birthday milestone, but first he needs to give himself the gift of courage.

This short story also appears in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” anthology volume 10.

4 responses to “This book wants to be free! Help!

  1. Hey PD, I went and tattled on you 😛

  2. You have been shamed! And I have a story idea, hehehe.

  3. Done. Happy New Year!

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