One more early goof


enhanced-buzz-8923-1331845868-4If I knew then what I know now, I would have put a different name on my book covers. I didn’t set out to make life difficult for readers or for myself.

Unfortunately, every place I appear has a different notion of what combination of periods and spaces belong in P.D. .  See? I can’t even decide. In an early moment of “didn’t get it” I managed to put myself as Pam D. Singer in a few places. And then I couldn’t access certain features which everyone else seemed to have figured out.

Most have been corrected to something more or less consistent, but I hadn’t been over to Manic Readers in a while, because, ya know? Not a lot of features I could use. And also an author page that said Pam D.  Right. I had shot myself in the foot early on there. When at last I figured this out and drew admin’s attention to it, everything got combined and voila! All sorts of things showed up.

SpokesIncluding Spokes as available for review under the same name as on the cover. Imagine that.

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