Flash Fiction from Eden Winters

Lightning Titan Missile Silo 1994We get so wrapped up in novels that sometimes it’s hard to recall the charm of short fiction, but sometimes, all you want is a few moments and a thought. A few hours and giant plot arcs are great, but flash fiction is an art form too, and because we can’t buy it one chunk at a time, we tend to forget about it.

Who else is from a fandom where drabbles (100 words exactly) and double drabbles (200 words exactly, not 199, not 201) are considered a weekly exercise? Eden Winters is, and she’s so practiced at this micro-art that you give her up to 1000 words and she’s got a story contained in that space.

A reviewer of our acquaintance, Cryselle of Cryselle’s Bookshelf, posts a prompt picture every week, and sometimes a writer takers up the challenge. Everyone’s welcome to play, she says, and Eden finds inspiration there on a regular basis. I’ve been known to play a time or two. This time, Eden had a character that goes by no name other than “Cowboy” and when Cryselle put up this pic:

Eden knew just who to send. Y’all oughta go read it. 😉

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